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The Full Monty — December 19, 2016

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Trump tests tech titans; this week in fake news; the future of work; preparing for a Twitter attack; Facebook is a media powerhouse; Microsoft makes a surprising comeback, partly related to A.I.; Yahoo gets hacked again; Uber ignores the DMV; Michigan passes autonomous vehicle regulations to allow for testing and development; speed listening is a [bad] thing; influencers are in for 2017; you have the right to leave a bad review if it's true; make a business impact with your analytics; the best memes of 2016 and more in this week's edition of The Full Monty. Trivia and the poem of the week are now exclusively on The Full Monty podcast.

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Program Note

This is the final edition of The Full Monty for 2016. We'll pick up again on January 2, 2017. Feel free to browse past issues or check out the Flipboard magazine meanwhile.

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  • It's likely that President-elect Donald Trump and the tech industry are on a collision course, as they have contrasting values, interests, and visions for the future. 
  • So to shore things up, Donald Trump held a well-publicized meeting with a number of tech leaders, many from Silicon Valley. They were there ostensibly to discuss the cyber, and we have the remarkable transcript from the public portion of the meeting. But leave it to the inimitable and well-sourced Kara Swisher, who brings us behind closed doors with who said what inside the Trump tech meeting.
    • Interestingly, there was no one from Twitter, Trump's favorite platform. Twitter says it was a retaliatory move, as the company refused to create a #CrookedHillary emoji for the campaign; Trump's team says "the conference table was only so big." Well, if you take a good look at it, there were four seats at one end of table and three at the other; and 16 percent of the attendees were Trump relatives


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  • Google's AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is now showing Google Image Search results. When you consider the importance of visual communication, this speedier image search functionality will have an appreciable impact. How are your visuals?




  • Snapchat Discover publishers have seen viewership drop by 33 percent after a tweak to the Stories page.
  • Snapchat has added four new features to the service, trying to stay cool and keep up with the competition. These include group chats, more editing features, and the ability to identify songs playing in the background. 

Collaborative/ Autonomous Economy


  • On demand meeting space company Breather is expanding into additional cities amid at $40 million Series C round.
  • After years of playing the nice guy, Airbnb now finds itself on the defensive in some of its biggest markets, and the pressure doesn’t suit. The company has unleashed lawsuits, held rallies, and spent millions on lobbying campaigns. It has decried political adversaries and brandished opposition research on hotels. The clashes lay bare an ugly truth: Under fire, Airbnb is a corporation like any other. It’s not that nice at all.




Virtual Reality / Audio



Content / Customer Experience / Influencer Marketing


Privacy / Security / Legal

  • The story of how one couple fought for the legal right to leave a bad online review. Some companies hide a non-disparagement clause in the fine print of their terms of service and sue individuals who post truthful bad reviews about them. Congress unanimously passed the Consumer Review Fairness Act and President Obama signed it into law. Can you imagine Donald Trump signing that? He previously mentioned he'd "open up the libel laws" to pursue newspapers that wrote negative things about him.
  • Cyber attacks—and president-elect Trump’s criticism of encryption and interest in expanding government surveillance—warrant more vigilance. Here are a hacker's tips for protecting your digital privacy.
  • You might call 2016 the Year of the Hack. Yahoo's disclosure is the latest in a string of cyber attacks and consumers are concerned. But most are unlikely to do anything about it. If you'd like to try out a top-notch password management system that comes with warnings for breaches and can automatically change your passwords across sites, my favorite is Dashlane.

Measurement / Metrics / Data


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