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The Full Monty — January 3, 2017

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Key reports to bookmark; the ad industry needs a new reputation; the Post is investing in journalism; Twitter as a public service; Facebook excels at copying other platforms; Airbnb gets more air; Uber's stunning Q3 loss; understanding autonomous vehicles; everything you need to start a podcast; privacy issues at Google, in the air and at the NYPD; being data-driven vs. data-informed; how to become a creature of habit and more in this week's edition of The Full Monty. Trivia and the poem of the week are now exclusively on The Full Monty podcast.

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I'll be off next week, due to personal and business travel. Feel free to browse past issues or check out the Flipboard magazine in my absence.

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Some of the results are going to really surprise you.


  • You might be surprised by these five unexpected statistics about social media in 2016, such as:
    • Twitter has an ardent user base in Japan.
    • Social commerce makes up 30% of digital sales in Southeast Asia
    • More than a quarter of the world's population will use messaging apps by 2019.
  • Here are five updates to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest that you need to know about.


  • Yes, yes. Twitter is failing — you've heard it before. But rather than looking at the company as a quarterly dividend-maker, how about viewing it as a public service if we really want to save it?
  • Twitter half-time CEO Jack Dorsey asked users for help with improving Twitter. Here's a short version for how to make it happen: Ship new features consistently, handle abuse, eliminate meaningless metrics, provide tools for every kind of user, and show developers you care about them. When asked about the editing feature, and mimicking Facebook's successful implentation, Jack said "copying others is not what I aspire us to be. We will learn from others. And do it in our own way." Because why copy a successful company (even though he admittedly copied Brian Chesky's ask-users-for-help gambit)? Investors must love the original mediocrity.
  • Twitter's metrics were inflated by up to 35% due to a bug in the app. They managed to copy Facebook pretty well in the inflated metrics arena, though.
  • Anthony Messenger, Twitter's chief technical officer is leaving the company, along with VP of product Josh McFarland.
  • The company is experimenting with breaking news notifications. This could be a powerful tool, and makes the case for Twitter as a public service.
  • Twitter introduced 360-degree live streaming video. Anyone on Twitter and Periscope can watch 360-degree live video, though currently only select partners can go live in 360 via Periscope.
  • Vine is still alive, albeit in a pared-down version of itself.


No, it really isn't.

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  • As podcast audiences continue to grow, many new listeners will arrive seeking refuge from Facebook’s fake news buffet and Twitter’s ideologue clutter, while expecting the speed of news they’ve became accustomed to from over-the-air radio and television. Enter breaking news analysis on podcasts.
  • While live video got all of the attention, Facebook has cut out the most difficult part and now we have Live Audio on Facebook which will soon be available to publishers and users. It launched with BBC Radio.
  • Here's everything you need to know to start a podcast.
  • Program of the Week: This week, Philip Zannini recommends History According to Bob in which Professor Bob loves to tell stories of the real people behind the often sterile descriptions found in history texts. His conversational style, filled with anecdotes, quips, and humor, bring to life the characters of history. Do you have a program to recommend? Add yours to our Google Sheet:  smonty.co/yourpodcasts.  
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