Monday, March 27, 2017

The Full Monty — March 27, 2017

Google got itself into hot water with advertisers and programmatic ads need a safe space; Uber continues to lick its wounds but deny injury; the Senate votes against privacy; a new operating model for marketing; Walmart's innovation for the future of retail; liking a brand on social media doesn't change behavior; a paid version of Twitter; how Instagram stays one step ahead of the market; measuring corporate innovation programs; make way for bike sharing; the Trump administration has its head in the sand about automation; ethical questions around the right to privacy; the busier you are, the more you need quiet time; and more in the trust edition of The Full Monty. And don't forget to subscribe to The Full Monty podcast, and check out where Brain+Trust  is speaking this week (final section below).

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Some of the results are going to really surprise you.


  • Merely liking a brand on Facebook doesn’t change behavior or increase purchasing. According to research from MIT, endorsing a brand does not affect a customer’s behavior or lead to increased purchasing, nor does it spur purchasing by friends. Supporting endorsements with branded content, however, can have significant results. It makes sense that people who already patronize a brand would like it on social media.
    • An important takeaway: even if a brand decides not to spend money advertising, it can use its social media channels to gain intelligence from its most loyal customers.





    Collaborative / Autonomous / AI

    • Many corporations have their own internal innovation programs to accomplish a number of intiatives, from partnering with start-ups to creating new business practices. But a critical factor in all of them is how they measure success.
    • IBM is known as having innovated in remote work access, but it's reversing that trend by calling thousands of employees back to regional offices. It's a controversial move that has practical implications.


    • Airbnb has launched in China and Chinese consumers hate its name so much, they're trying to come up with a new one. The company's name is Aibiying, which is Chinese for "welcome each other with love." The logo finally makes perfect sense.




    Virtual Reality / Audio



    • Program of the Week: I've just finished listening to the three-part 18-hour series "The Adventures of Alfred Hitchcock." It's part of the podcast The Secret History of Hollywood, branded as "podcasts for the classic movie lover." From gangsters to classic monster films, Adam Roche covers it all in a deeply researched documentary-like style.  Do you have a program to recommend? Add yours to our Google Sheet:  
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    Content / Customer Experience / Influencer Marketing

    • Mark Schaefer implores you to Stop Creating Random Acts of Content. Lack of a cohesive plan and direction for your company's content will result in underperformance and wasted efforts. Intentional topics and frequency will build loyalty.

    Privacy / Security / Legal

    Measurement / Metrics / Data

    • Modern marketing looks slightly different than what we've known. In particular is the focus on data activation and personalization, two concepts that go hand-in-hand. A quickly evolving industry standard is the Consumer Data Point (CDP) , which makes it possible for marketers to scale data-driven customer interactions in real time.  At this point, we should be well beyond the "customers who bought this also bought that" rubric.
    • Foursquare is using its location-based data to power an analytics platform to help retailers understand foot traffic.


    Essential Watching / Listening / Reading

    • Are you a good boss? The combination of leadership and management skills can be tricky, especially when we have to inspire and motivate our teams while dealing with difficult people. Inc. has five things to consider as you make that journey.
    • While you're at it, here are five interview questions to avoid and five questions to use instead.
    • Often the solution to being knocked off the top rung of a ladder isn't always to keep scrambling to regain your rung. It's to build a better ladder, via Tom Webster
    • There’s plenty the British don’t speak of. But the death of the 90-year-old Queen might be one of the least spoken about—and best planned for—inevitabilities faced by an entire nation. Sam Knight delivers a minute-by-minute account of what could happen when Elizabeth II, who has outlasted twelve U.S. presidents, dies within the walls of Buckingham Palace. Code word: “London Bridge is down.”
    • Have you emailed me, to no avail? Sorry for the Delayed Response.
    • Productivity is all the rage. So when people want more out of you and you continue to "multitask" (but not really), focusing becomes truly difficult. And yet, it's not a matter of lists, apps, or processes. Focusing is an art, not a science.

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