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The Full Monty — April 3, 2017

Modern marketers have some tech-savvy CMOs to emulate; take a survey on marketing, service and trust; limiting display ads doesn't change cost or visibility; this week in fake news; resurrecting a brand reputation via advertising; Facebook continues to copy Snapchat; Google gives external companies audit rights to avoid ad controversy; Uber has [another] a bad week of publicity; the battle for autonomous and artificial intelligence talent; the pending fourth Industrial Revolution; creating an audio hook for your audience; how brands should work with influencers; how to set up a VPN; a 3-part series on data and analytics in crisis planning; a key interview technique you're missing; and more in the trust edition of The Full Monty. We're sure you subscribe to The Full Monty podcast, and don't forget check out where Brain+Trust  is speaking (final section below).

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  • Tensions are escalating as the Netflix evolves into a direct competitor to the traditional studio model, investing in more than 70 original shows this year, is hogging talent, pushing up prices, and spurring pushback from rival TV producers who once saw it as a partner. Netflix: the Monster that's Eating Hollywood.
  • It looks as if BuzzFeed will be going public in 2018. The media company with the sensibility of a tech company is positioned well to make a splash in the IPO market.
  • This Week in Fake News
  • The fast food brand Carl's Jr. lost its way with risque advertising featuring buxom blondes in recent years. They're rebooting their advertising with a clever, funny and self-aware spot that highlights their origins over their recent distractions, with a fictional Carl Hardee, Sr. in the starring role — a nod to the combined brands of Carl's Jr. and Hardee's. Showing that they've heard feedback and can be self-deprecating may give the brand a boost, in addition to their focus on quality ingredients and lower-price alternative to other similar chains.


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    Collaborative / Autonomous / AI



    • There's no easy way to say this. If you're an Uber driver, the company is manipulating you. Uber is engaged in an extraordinary behind-the-scenes experiment in behavioral science to manipulate drivers in the service of its corporate growth. Employing hundreds of social scientists and data scientists, Uber has experimented with video game techniques, graphics and noncash rewards of little value that can prod drivers into working longer and harder — and sometimes at hours and locations that are less lucrative for them.
    • Uber will be shutting down in Denmark next month, where it has 2,000 drivers, after new taxi laws mandated that cabs be fitted with seat occupancy sensors and fare meters. "Something is rotten in the state of Denmark." — Hamlet, Act 1, Scene 4.
    • Lyft is testing Shuttle service in San Francisco and Chicago with fixed pricing and a set route, running on weekdays from 6:30-10 a.m. and 4-8:00 p.m. Another public transportation, UberPool and Via competitor.
    • Audi is buying Silvercar, the luxury car rental service that only offers Audi A4s. The automaker had invested $28 million in a Round C of financing previously.
    • Ford has an idea of how we'll get around in the city of the future, whether or not it involves cars.
    • Amid the recent and continual crush of negative news, Uber published its heralded diversity report, which indicated that Uber is no better than its Silicon Valley confederates. And to complicate matters, the page included names of employee resource groups (ERGs) that, although they were named by employees, were nonetheless tone deaf to Uber's woes and how they might be perceived by external audiences.


    • The Google-turned-Uber executive at the center of a high-stakes legal battle between the two companies in their autonomous vehicle programs is refusing to testify or hand over related documents. As in the intellectual property that he allegedly stole from Google before departing for Uber. He sounds like a perfect fit for the Uber culture.
    • It's becoming increasingly difficult to retain good self-driving talent, as they flee one company for the next.


    • Similarly, big corporations are hoarding the world's best artificial intelligence talent. Which is great if you're the talent, but difficult if you're a smaller competitor trying to gain a foothold
    • It is actually developing economies that are poised to be hit the hardest by the fourth Industrial Revolution, or “Industry 4.0,” where machines are networked together in “smart factories” that have little need for human input. The question is, assuming that this trend toward the networked automation of factories continues — and there is little evidence to suggest that it won’t — what happens next?
    • Domino's (featured in last week's edition) has outperformed tech stocks, and its robots will deliver your pizza. Just don't forget to tip. You don't want to mess with a robot.
    • Interviews with Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Ray Kurzweil and others indicate a wide range of predictions and concerns about AI in coming decades, its regulation, and possible implementations.
    • Can AI make you a better tweeter? The startup Post Intelligence hopes it can.

    Virtual Reality / Audio



    Content / Customer Experience / Influencer Marketing

    • If you're focusing your content marketing efforts on headlines and click-bait and your writing is sub-par, you're missing the point. Instead, concentrate on content strategy, says Rebecca Lieb.
    • There are two models of brand newsrooms — physical and virtual — and you need to find the model that works best for you. Examples include Reebok, Nestle and SoFi
    • Jay Acunzo has a simple rule for how brands should work with influencers: think about retention versus acquisition.
    • Amid worries about bad behavior and content by third-party influencers, Doug Simon recommends companies to think about internal experts as influencers.
    • The on-protocol and by-the-book customer service messaging didn't work for United last week. What would have made the difference? It's the topic of Episode 27 of The Full Monty. Listen in for commentary, trivia, and the poem of the week. And please leave a rating and review wherever you subscribe.

    Privacy / Security / Legal

    Measurement / Analytics / Data


    Essential Watching / Listening / Reading

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