Monday, July 18, 2016

The Full Monty — July 18, 2016

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Commitment must be earned, not bought; Facebook as a traditional media company; premium site ads perform better; the success of GE and the folly of Verizon; Instant Articles in Messenger; Twitter signs three more streaming deals; Snapchat's ad sales strategy; final bids for Yahoo; more questionable practices from Uber; Consumer Reports wants Autopilot off; predictable Pokémon GO happenings - including security and legal risks; predictive analytics is helpful - to an extent; treating politics like sports; The Full Monty goes audio; plus our trivia challenge, podcast pick, a limerick and more.

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  • As you contemplate a digital transformation, here are seven questions to ask. They include: is this a digital upgrade or transformation? Have you put walls around your digital team? Do you know how to measure the value you intend to create?
  • Wherever you are on the spectrum of digital readiness, it's important to identify and embrace authentic informal leaders within your company. These include people who are exemplars, networkers, early adopters, or pride builders, all without having the formal title or authority.
  • GE CMO  Linda Boff talks about the bets she is making GE is placing in social, content marketing, and brand strategy: GE and the Art of Brand ReinventionIt's fascinating to watch a blue chip company continue to evolve and embrace new communications methods, particularly in the B2B space.
  • Verizon has increased its data limits — and more critically its pricing — sponsoring the hashtag #IGotVerizon on Twitter as part of the campaign. As you can imagine, that ended as only such a tone deaf marketing ploy could: with thousands of outraged customers online. And then a Verizon spokesperson had the gall to try to convince everyone that it wasn't a price hike.
  • Mad Men was a great show, as it depicted the advertising industry in its heyday in (mostly) the 1960s. If Don Draper were around today, these 25 GIFs capture what Mad Men would be like


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      • Yahoo

        • Final bids are due for Yahoo's core Internet business today. Check the eBay status to be updated by text 15 minutes before the auction ends. And if Verizon wins, don't tell them they overpaid.


      Trivia question: According to a spoof report on Medium this week, after more than three years as a fugitive, what were the circumstances in which Edward Snowden was captured?*

      Collaborative / Autonomous Economy 

      • The collaborative economy is solving all of the wrong problems. A valet on a scooter to part your car? Check. A smart button and zipper that will alert you when your fly is down? Sure. An app that lets us brew coffee from anywhere. Absolutely. These are the pressing issues of the 21st century?
      • Transportation


      Virtual Reality / Audio



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      Privacy / Security / Legal


      Measurement / Metrics / Data

      * Answer to the trivia question above: 


      When You Have the Time: Essential Watching / Listening / Reading 


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