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The Full Monty — July 25, 2016

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Summary: Digital disruption may shake up the C-suite; visual and video continue to be forces of marketing nature; Facebook's 10-year plan; Twitter bans a troll for life; Verizon asks Yahoo if it can hear them now; how a viral video led to a $1 billion takeover; Airbnb gets former mayors and an attorney general; a human is the new bot at the NYPL; how marketers are using VR and AR; programmatic ads coming to Spotify; thinking differently about B2B content marketing; hacking the car; philosophy in comics; The Full Monty goes audio; plus our trivia challenge, podcast pick, a limerick and more.

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  • Design and technology company Monotype is acquiring Olapic, a startup that helps brands promote themselves with user-generated photos. Another notch in the belt of visual communications.
  • The Financial Times is blocking ad blockers in a unique way: it is blocking certain words in its storiesWe're likely to see additional creative ways to outsmart ad blockers int he future.
  • The New York Times established T Brand Studio 2 1/2 years ago as a way to help agencies adopt and develop creative digital storytelling methods for ads. It was so successful that they're turning T Brand Studio into an full-fledged agency of its ownThe Times set a goal of doubling its digital revenue to $800 million by 2020, and this is one of the ways it plans to get there.
  • Viacom Lab is experimenting with new technology to engage viewers. The strategy is that every execution must be fan-centric or it isn't considered. Given the wide range of media properties under the Viacom umbrella, there could be some creative and highly scalable results.
  • Clinton assembled a team of Silicon Valley stars; Donald Trump has Twitter. Hillary Clinton's chief technology officer has assembled a team of more than 50 engineers and developers who left lucrative careers at places like Google, Facebook, and Twitter. The difference between the two campaigns is stark. We'll see which is more effective in November.
  • Walt Mossberg says "We've reached peak app," and has deleted half of his iPhone apps. Should you?


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      • Snapchat

      • Microsoft / LinkedIn

        • The company introduced Microsoft Stream, a new business video service that democratizes access to and discovery of video at work. The future is video.


      Trivia question: What unique branding tool did Hillary Clinton's campaign release last week?*

      Collaborative / Autonomous Economy 

      • Unilever acquired upstart Dollar Shave Club for $1 billion in an effort to better compete against Procter and Gamble's Gillette brand. It's Dollar Shave Club and the Disruption of EverythingThe implications of this go far beyond the competition: fewer Gillette razors also mean less TV advertising and no margin to be made for retailers, who themselves are big advertisers.
      • You too can create a business and sell it for a billion dollars, thanks in part to a viral video.


        • Lodging

          • Airbnb has formed an adivosry council of former mayors: from Houston, Philadelphia, Rome, and Adelaide, Australia. It hopes to add more mayors, especially from Asia, Latin America, and other regions. That's one way of being more successful with regulations and laws at the local level.
          • Former attorney general Eric Holder is joining Airbnb to help end a racial discrimination problem with hosts.
          • In the Mission district of San Francisco, locals are Airbnb shaming hosts that they say are to blame for the growing gentrification and unaffordability of the area. They're posting flyers with the names and images of hosts.
        • Autonomous Vehicles

        • AI/Bots


        Virtual Reality / Audio

        • Virtual / Augmented Reality

          • Only 7% of game developers were working on augmented reality in 2014; in 2015, that number grew to 20%The article cites Pokemon GO as the reason for the growth — which is patently false, since the game has been out just a few weeks. But it will likely have a positive effect in the year ahead.
          • ZipCar is using Pokemon GO to introduce people to its service: for one day only, it offered free rides to Pokemon players in Boston. Smart integration of a service with the game.
          • Pokemon GO has caused people to crash cars, find dead bodies and become mugging victims. But what's Congress concerned with? That the game uses too much data (according to them). Maybe they could turn their attention to YouTube and Netflix instead.
          • A look at how marketers are using VR and AR.
          • What are the game design considerations for creating a VR experience that will be compelling for not only the primary player, but also the spectators who may be watching it on a livestream?


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        Privacy / Security / Legal


        Measurement / Metrics / Data

        • An enterprising reporter rewrote some of the lyrics to Paul Simon's classic "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover" to develop 50 ways to measure your analyticsEffective tactics, but boy, she doesn't have a grasp of meter. The great irony is that her first name is Melody.
        "The problem is all inside your figures," she said to me.
        "The answer is easy if you think more than numerically.
        I'd like to help you in your struggle to count your impact perfectly.
        There must be (at least) 50 ways to measure success for a news article."


        * Answer to the trivia question above: 

        • Hillary Clinton's campaign released Trump Yourself, which connects your Facebook account with some of the more outré things that Donald Trump has said over the course of the campaign. See how his insults apply to people like you.

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        Image credits: The Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Division of Art, Prints and Photographs: Print Collection, The New York Public Library. Calvin and Hobbes 




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