Monday, August 1, 2016

Episode 05: Ad Blocking and Yahoo's Last Stand

Ad blocking has become mainstream and is the source of headaches for advertisers and publishers. But the IAB has introduced some guidance after discovering just what it is that annoys consumers so.

And the Yahoo acquisition is happening. Verizon paid the most, but still managed to walk off with a good deal. Or did it simply inherit a vintage corner of the Internet?

Be sure to catch The Naked Truth trivia question.


  • Podcasting has an ad-skipping problem. The WSJ's CMO blog looks at how technologies built into audio players are complicit in listeners' ability to jump past content 15 seconds at a time.
  • Twitter is rebranding itself in an effort to tell its story more clearly. The new theme is "See what's happening" and is aimed at nonusers of Twitter, who have high awareness but low understanding. We've always argued that it's one of the most complex and nuanced services out there, and lest it end up like Yahoo, it needs to better define itself.
  • And you'll want to read about the photographer who's suing Getty Images for $1 billion after the photo giant licensed her public domain images that had been donated to the Library of Congress.


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