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The Full Monty — August 29, 2016

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The coming bloodbath of media; how brands annoy consumers on social media; PR and advertising have a way to go; the one magic question; Facebook, politics and the automation of Trending; Twitter will suspend your for GIFs, not threats; Snapchat is just getting started; Uber is losing a lot of money; Spotify is wheeling and dealing; the FTC needs to pay attention to the Kardashians; privacy and Facebook's new video app and WhatsApp; trusting your analytics data; why books matter; and more in this week's edition of The Full Monty. Trivia and the poem of the week are now exclusively on The Full Monty podcast.

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  • The latest edition of the CMO Survey is out. The survey discovered that marketing leaders spent 11.7 percent of their budgets on social media in the past year — more than three times the proportion they were spending in 2009 — but well short of the 17.5 percent predicted five years ago. It seems that there's limited advertising inventory in a crowded market, and heaven forfend the industry puts more money into strategists.
  • Sprout Social found that consumers have some pet peeves about brands on social. Most notably that they're overly promotional, they try to be funny when they're not, or they have no personality. This is what happens when you underspend on talent (see above).


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  • What's the oldest software start-up you know? Think for a minute before you answer. Now click here for the surprise. They've made innovation their thing for a long time.



  • In the first half of 2016 alone, Uber lost $1.2 billion. That kind of run rate will run you out of business quickly. This is likely why the company acquiesced to Didi's overtures in China.
  • Uber and Lyft can expect to be taxed 20 cents per ride in Massachusetts. Half will go to cities and towns, 5 cents are for the state transportation fund, and the final 5 cents will go toward — get this — the traditional taxi industry. Can I get a subsidy from competitors that are beating me in the market?
  • Taiwan may kick Uber out, but only after collecting $6.3 million in taxes it says Uber owes.

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