Monday, August 1, 2016

The Full Monty — August 1, 2016

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Advertisers get guidance for ad blocking; how the paywall is working out; don't tweet if you're not an Olympic sponsor; quarterly earnings from Facebook delight; Twitter, not so much; Yahoo finally throws in the purple towel but it's always sunny in Sunnyvale for CEO Mayer; Uber is getting beaten in Europe; Tesla slowed down the self-driving car movement; SoundCloud wants to sell; the podcast upfronts are returning; customer satisfaction is dropping on social sites; the analytics skills that are in the highest demand; the photographer that's suing Getty Images for $1 billion; the neuroscience of cool; The Full Monty goes audio; plus our trivia challenge, a limerick and more.

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  • A look at how The Times and The Sunday Times have succeeded with their paywall, netting a £10.9 million profit and over 400,000 subscribers, while The Guardian has seen a £68.7 million loss over the same period. When good journalism meets a solid business plan, a paywall can work.
    • Meanwhile, over at The New York Times, they're busy trying to connect reporters to analytics data, with the goal of making audience engagement data easy to find, simple to understand, and even fun to use for journalists.
    • Business Insider has managed to do well at video through constant content assessment, a separate team, and repurposing of existing content.
  • New tools and calculating ROI cause marketers the most anxiety when they consider digital transformation. In a survey from the American Marketing Association and Milward Brown, respondents were primarily concerned with the need to do more with the same (or fewer) resources.
  • Half of US ad agency professionals said their clients are most interested in advertising on TV or cable. Television still holds sway.
  • The Olympics Committee says non-sponsors can't tweet about the Olympics. But evidently Russian athletes who are doping are still eligible to compete.
  • Reddit is opening its arms to marketers, who it says will be allowed to sponsor Redditors' posts. We'll see how Redditors react.
    • And Donald Trump held an AMA on Reddit. Surprisingly, sparks didn't fly. Maybe because of how tightly controlled the answers were, or because he was trying to participate via in-flight WiFi. But to show you the depth of the candidate, his answers were one or two sentences long each. Here's a glimpse, compared to another politician's answer to the same question:

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Facebook / Instagram

Twitter / Periscope / Vine

  • Twitter pushed for a big rebranding this week, with its "See what's happening" campaign that's an effort to better define Twitter for nonusers.
  • Twitter reported its Q2 numbers this week. They include 3 million new monthly active users, a slight miss of revenue and profits, and lowered guidance for Q3. Twitter is once again being viewed on a quarter-to-quarter basis, which hampers its strategic efforts.
  • Vine seems to be in trouble, with many of its top stars leaving the service.


  • Alphabet also had Q2 earnings this week: its revenue increase included more than just advertising: enterprise sales, digital media store and hardware sales are up.

Microsoft / LinkedIn

  • We all know how annoying the skills endorsement feature of LinkedIn can be, particularly because you have no control over it. Evidently endorsement bombing is a thing.



Trivia question: What on-demand economy app was announced this week, only to have it be revealed to be a piece of art?*

Collaborative / Autonomous Economy 


Autonomous Vehicles



Virtual Reality / Audio

Virtual / Augmented Reality


  • China's version of Spotify, QQ Music, is profitable. How? It's owned by the same company that owns WeChat, which gives it access to over 700 million subscribers.
  • Meanwhile, SoundCloud is looking at selling itself for $1 billion.
  • On the heels of its distribution arrangement with Libsyn, iHeartRadio is partnering with NPR.
  • The advertising industry is hosting its second Podcast Upfronts, hoping to lure brands into audio advertising. Hey, let us know if you're interested in sponsoring our show.
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Content / Customer Experience / Influencer Marketing


Privacy / Security / Legal


Measurement / Metrics / Data 

* Answer to the trivia question above: 

  • The newly launched satire app was none other than Pooper - Uber for dog poop. The creators developed it to show just how ludicrous the on-demand economy has become and how lazy we are.



When You Have the Time: Essential Watching / Listening / Reading 

Oh, this age! How tasteless and ill-bred it is.

— Catullus

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