Monday, August 22, 2016

Episode 08: No Comments at NPR and Twitter Needs Urgency

NPR is finally cracking down on the useless and abusive comments on its site. But it doesn't mean that conversation and comments from the audience are completely out. Why this move makes sense.

Twitter is still struggling a year after wunderkind and part-time CEO Jack Dorsey returned to "save" it. Does Twitter have the right stuff to be able to survive its own missteps?


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  • How can B2B marketers prove their worth to senior management? More than just generating leads and sales, they can also position their brand against the competition.
  • McKinsey has the CEO guide to customer experience. To improve the customer experience, move from touchpoints to the journey: observe, shape, perform.
  • "Increasingly our standard defense against the social unease formerly known as the awkward silence is not to make noise but to stroke our little talismans of talkative silences. We outsource our incidental chat, idly checking email or Facebook or sending a text, hoping that the fleshy aggregation loitering in soft focus beyond the crisp horizon of our smartphone will soon mo ve on." What does "silence" mean in the age of digital noise


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