Monday, September 19, 2016

Episode 11: Emotional Intelligence & Leadership and Strategist vs. Specialist

What you understand about yourself and how you interact with your colleagues says a great deal about you. It may mean the difference between being considered a boss or a leader.

Specialists serve and important role. But don't get them confused with strategists. Just because in our shorthand way of speaking, we mention a strategy for every platform doesn't mean your platform expert is a strategist.




Be sure to check out other major stories from the September 19th edition of the newsletter:

  • Americans' trust in media is at an all-time low. Last year, 40% trusted the media a great deal or a fair amount; this year it's down to 32%.
  • It was a big week in autonomous driving. Uber's self-driving fleet debuted in Pittsburgh, Ford demonstrated its self-driving cars in Dearborn, Ford and the University of Michigan announced a new robotics laboratory, Volvo produced an autonomous SUV, and Velodyne announced a smaller, higher-resolution sensor.
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook is more excited about augmented reality than virtual reality. He says it's nearer term and it's less isolating. 



Theme song: "The Liberty Bell," by John Philip Sousa, performed by the United States Marine Band and shared under a Creative Commons 3.0 license.

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Voice over: Toni Deckers


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