Monday, September 19, 2016

The Full Monty — September 19, 2016

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Preparing for a major announcement this week; trust in media is at all all-time low; being part of a community is one way to combat that, as is showing empathy for human conditions; paying via Messenger; Twitter's livestreaming deals; Snapchat nearing $1 billion in ad revenue; Airbnb's effort to curb racism; the week of autonomous vehicles; Apple's CEO believes in AR over VR; podcasting is being pushed toward a radio model; competition in streaming music; less can be more in content marketing; email still works; taking time to experience and embrace silence; assessing your jerkitude quotient; and more in this week's edition of The Full Monty. Trivia and the poem of the week are now exclusively on The Full Monty podcast.

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Here's this week's double-barrelled commentary on Facebook Live.

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  • The iPhone 7 announcement happened as planned. And people freaked out over the new wireless earpods. All the updates.
  • According to an annual Gallup Poll, only 32 percent of Americans have "a great deal" or "a fair amount" of trust in the media, representing a new low. Last year it was 40 percent. 
  • PwC sais in order to foster online trust, you need to build community. This is kind of Trust 101 stuff, but there are still brands out there that need this wake up call. If no one knows who you are or doesn't participate in anything with you (or more importantly, you with them), trust won't happen. In other words, you can't stand around talking about yourself all day
  • You know what you can trust? That September 19 is Talk Like a Pirate Day. And if you walk into Krispy Kreme, you can get a free doughnut for yammerin' like a swashbuckler. Or a free dozen if you dress like one.
  • A coalition of companies have organized to improve social news gathering. The 20 companies include Facebook, Twitter, the New York Times, the Telegraph, Channel 4 News, Washington Post, and BuzzFeed News, among others. Facebook, tell us again that you're not a media company?
  • Business Insider attracted 230,000 Line followers in just two weeks. How? By sharing 10 pieces of content a day, putting a focus on tech and finance news, and using emojis to liven up staid content.
  • This is the year that digital ad spending will outpace TV in the US.
  • Ikea is putting itself out there by talking about divorce, a topic that very few other brands are willing to do. Emotion works when applied in a relevant way.
  • GE's CMO Linda Boff talks about GE's secrets to success: first-mover mentality, experimentation, and an insatiable sense of curiosity. And, in her words, "the importance of thinking about the user always, starting with the user, and working back, versus starting with technology or starting with media."
  • It takes a brilliance to change the world. It takes something else entirely to wait patiently for people to notice. It happened with the Wright Brothers. It happened with Alexander Graham Bell. When You Change the World and No One Notices.
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  • There's a shortage of data scientists. Bottlenose hopes to solve that by automating some processes, making it easier for business people without advanced tech skills to make use of the latest in business intelligence. Let's be perfectly clear: there's a difference between a data scientist and a data analyst; the functions of the latter aren't quite so easy to automate.

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