Monday, September 26, 2016

​The Full Monty — September 26, 2016

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ICYMI last week, I launched a new company, Brain+Trust Partners. Check out our vision and mission and see if you're interested.

Big companies are playing catch-up; Yahoo exposes itself (and you); Twitter may be for sale; apps dominate the mobile web — but not exactly as you'd think; consumers want a texting relationship with businesses; Google wants in on the messaging craze; Facebook owns up to misstated video metrics; Snapchat flashes its hardware; the government wants data from autonomous vehicles; the role of news and journalism in evolving podcasting; the biggest influencer of B2B software purchasing; the single most important trait in leader and more in this week's edition of The Full Monty. Get trivia and the poem of the week exclusively on The Full Monty podcast.

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Some of the results are going to really surprise you.



  • As we've chronicled here, Facebook has been pushing for more video content by brands and users alike. So imagine the shock when last week we discovered that Facebook has been overstating a key video metric, the average time users spent with videos. While this should concern many companies that have been pouring resources into Facebook video, the company is still committed to the medium and will certainly rectify things.
    • The company issued a mea culpa, taking responsibility for the error and being transparent about its mistake. Carolyn Everson, VP of Global Marketing Solutions, and David Fisher, VP of Business and Marketing Partnerships shared the same statement on their profiles.
  • Why Facebook is the #1 enemy of newspapers and journalism. One reason: newspapers don't have all of the personal data about readers that Facebook does about its users, so they're at a natural disadvantage.
  • To further enable businesses to target discovery of experiences on the Messenger Platform, Facebook is starting to roll out ads in News Feed that drive people to chat with your bot on Messenger.


  • The big news of the week in the social network space was that Twitter is a takeover target. Suitors include Salesforce, which missed its social opportunity with LinkedIn; Google, which has failed at every attempt of a home-grown social network; Verizon, which may be preparing for a non-Yahoo event; and Microsoft, to thrwart Salesforce again.
    • Salesforce seems like the odd one out of this, as Twitter is as much a news and media platform as anything else. They might be thinking about plugging the "firehose" into their social listening tools, but that still leaves a gap, as Twitter doesn't cover everything. But having such a powerful data stream is still appealing to cloud companies that run on data.
    • Wouldn't it be great if Twitter required all offers to be submitted in 140 characters or less? [TWEET THIS]
  • Some sources suggest Twitter may command as much as $30 billion, which narrows down the list of potential buyers.




  • Rumors began circulating on Thursday morning that Yahoo was going to announce a data breach of some 200 million accounts.
  • That turned out not to be true. The next day, Yahoo said it was 500 million accounts. The company said it believes a state-sponsored player was behind the breach, which occurred in late 2014, making Yahoo even slower than Wells Fargo to acknowledge some funny business. The news complicates the Verizon takeover offer, which may be dependent on such material news, and leaves a blemish on Marissa Mayer's record, which was already spotty at best

Collaborative / Autonomous Economy


  • Airbnb has raised $555 million in its latest funding round and is now valued at $30 billion. This places the company at #4 among the world's most valuable startups, with Uber, Xiaomi and Didi Chuxing leading the way.





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Virtual Reality / Audio


  • Google has filed a patent for a hand-controlled mobile VR headset. The combination of lightweighting of the headset and VR driven by your phone could speed the mainstream adoption of VR.


Content / Customer Experience / Influencer Marketing

  • McKinsey takes a look at what drives customer growth, with a particular focus on companies that are taking the time to meet customer needs better than competitors do.
  • What influences software purchase decisions in a business-to-business environment most? Word of mouth.

Privacy / Security / Legal

Measurement / Metrics / Data

Essential Watching / Listening / Reading

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