Monday, November 14, 2016

Episode 18: John Henry Versus the Steam-Powered Robowriters

There are modern-day lessons that craft-driven content marketers can learn from John Henry - an essay by Erik Deckers.

And should we still be relying on polls to predict the outcome of elections in a post-digital world?


Be sure to check out other major stories from the November 14th edition of the newsletter:
  • Twitter has been through a lot lately. But Ben Thompson makes the case for Why Twitter Must Be Saved. “It is Twitter that has reaffirmed itself as the most powerful antidote to Facebook’s algorithm: misinformation certainly spreads via a tweet, but truth follows unusually quickly; thanks to the power of retweets and quoted tweets, both are far more inescapable than they are on Facebook.” 
  • MIT and Uber are teaming up to address the future of urban ride-sharing. The Institute’s Senseable City Lab and the San Francisco-based company recently announced a research collaboration in which they'll explore how ride-sharing networks could impact urban transportation further down the road.
  • This ends in the only way it could: a man and a woman were playing with VR in a parking lot (that's right — with the goggles obscuring their view of the real world) when they got hit by a carNo word on whether the driver was wearing VR goggles too.



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