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The Full Monty: Arms Race – September 10, 2018

Twitter steps up; A.I. will contribute to a growing GDP; the unlikely city leading autonomous driving; digital transformation requires persistence; leaders and storytelling; Australian workers get a taste of Amazon; the fastest-growing app category; Americans' relationship with Facebook is changing; Google turns 20; media leadership changes; why people aren't cutting cords; podcasting upfronts are full of opportunity; the data that GDPR affects most; Nielsen and comScore struggle to advance TV measurement; predictive analytics for marketers; what makes a good boss; plus the podcast pick of the week and more in the Arms Race edition of The Full Monty for the week of September 10, 2018.

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Top Story

Twitter and Facebook appeared before a Congressional hearing last week (Google was notably absent). Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg both made statements answered questions.

John Battelle pointed out an interesting distinction between Dorsey's and Sandberg’s positions:
"The consequences of Facebook’s platforms never occurred to Zuckerberg, Sandberg, Dorsey, or other leaders in the tech industry. But now that the damage is clear, they must be brave enough to consider new approaches."
That means reassessing the business models. Yes, the models that were built on advertising.

According to their testimony, it seems Jack Dorsey has acknowledged it. Sheryl Sandberg and the Facebook cabal haven't quite grasped that yet, instead saying that they're preparing for an "arms race" to safeguard information.

Once again, it seems like Facebook is playing defense while trying to bite off more than it can chew. Twitter seems be be taking the humbler and more practical approach.

Thanks this week to content-spotters: Tamsen Webster, Tim Hayden, Nick Westergaard, Tom Hoehn, Andy Crestodina, Ann Handley, Katie Robbert and Tom Fishburne.

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    • In House committee hearing, CEO Jack Dorsey said Twitter intends to share an abuse transparency report this year, and agreed to have the company undergo a civil rights audit. (Techcrunch)
    • The great Swedish Twitter experiment is over. Since 2011, the official Sweden Twitter account handed over the keys to a random Swede every week. But the Internet has changed drastically, and after 365 curators and 119,000 tweets, the project will come to an end. (The Verge) It was a truly authentic and refreshing approach to a national account.
    • Twitter has a major events calendar available to brand that want to plan their content. (Social Media Today)
    • Twitter is experimenting with threaded posts and an online status indicator. But no one asked for those. (The Atlantic) As a reminder, here are things Twitter has released in the last 18 months: changed user avatars from square-shaped to circular; redesigned Moments; added topic tags to the Explore page; upped the character limit to 280. What it hasn’t fixed: tackling abuse of users.
    • Speaking of which: how Twitter enabled audio-only livestreams in just three days. (AdWeek) Still waiting on editable tweets... 


    • Google is turning 20. How the search giant changed the world. (The Verge) Fun fact: Google manages eight products with over one billion users each.
    • Snap disclosed ad reach by country, giving an interesting picture of its overall geographic breakdown. (Snap)
    • Former Time Warner marketing chief Kristen O'Hara has been hired by Snap as head of U.S. global business solutions, responsible for developing relationships with brands and enabling marketers to achieve better results using the platform. (MarketingLand) Snap is getting serious about its advertisers and the success they need to see from the platform.
    • Spredfast is merging with Lithium, a leader in digital customer care. (Spedfast Smart Social Blog) This puts Spredfast on better footing versus arch rival Sprinklr, who last year put more focus on customer care.


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    • Uber announced new safety features for drivers and riders, such as checking in on idle cars and anonymous pick up addresses, rolling out in the coming months. (Bloomberg)
    • You can't play Bach on Facebook, because Sony says they own the copyrights. (Boing Boing) That's quite a feat for a composer who's been dead for 300 years The well-tempered IP.
    • New research shines a light on how telecoms are throttling mobile video following the death of net neutrality. Netflix and YouTube are the most-throttled. (The Verge) This is where the "told you so" refrain comes in handy.

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    Top image credit: The Battle of Trafalgar by J.W.M. Turner, 1822 (Wikimedia Commons public domain)


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